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Target x Kirna Zabete

Girls, it’s that time to start standing in ridiculous lines, rifling through racks with hundreds of hands clawing through sizes, and most likely, fending off would be clothes hogs snatching your size, all in the name of fashion. No, this isn’t Barney’s Semi-Annual blow out, but Target’s high-end, low cost, roll out design season. And leading the fashion frugality this season are style makers, Kirna Zabete.

Since 1999, Soho mainstay Kirna Zabete, helmed by Beth Bucchini, former fashion editor for New York Magazine and Mirabella, and Sarah Easley, fashion wholesaler at Christian Dior, set the precedent for a “lifestyle-concept” store featuring fashion, housewares, and home decor. Their eye for bold, punchy design has not only snagged patrons to shop their multi-label boutique, but have caught the attention of the style driven Target “Shops At” line. 

The line, launching September 9th, will feature 33 pieces modeled after the duo’s personal style (Take a look at Target’s A Bullseye View to see the video and the full lookbook), will be incorporating pieces like real leather jackets, quirky jewelry, and heavily patterned dresses; this line stands out for the fashion avant garde on a budget. Ranging from $9.99 to $199.99, the line is only available for a limited time, but surely will not last even long enough at those prices. For affordable style, Target aims dead center into the fashion conscious, wallet weary buyer, once again. 

by John Pagano

Photo Credit: Target